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What is CafeScribe?

CafeScribe is a digital textbook platform that offers a full world of reading, studying, connecting and getting inspired. It provides students with the ability to not only read, highlight and take notes, but also to search, sort and quickly summarize notes and highlights.

Not only are the digital textbooks offered via CafeScribe environmentally friendly, they are also:

    Accessible - one place for students to find what's required for classes and purchase required content
    Affordable - typically costs up to 40-60% less than a new textbook
    Convenient - one-stop shopping, accepting all forms of tender, 24/7 customer service
    Flexible - no need to purchase special reading devices or hardware. The device students and faculty likely already have is all they'll need - from PCs and Macs to web-enabled tablets and smart phones
    Collaborative - students can exchange ideas with other students and instructors, share notes and insights, connect their thoughts and learn faster

CafeScribe offers:

  • Over 50 publishing partners with over 15,000 titles
  • Easy implementation with no additional hardware needed
  • Accessibility on PC, Mac, and web-enabled mobile devices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free 3-day trial
  • 40-60% savings over new textbooks
  • Ability to purchase using student aid
  • Custom publishing opportunities

Why CafeScribe is the Right Choice for Faculty and Campuses

Customer Support

Free customer and tech support has been a valued component of CafeScribe since its launch. Students know they can get product help if/when needed; faculty know students have this support; the campus is not required to fill another costly demand; and store management and associates refer all technical customer questions to tech support.

How Does Tech Support Work?

Customers can access Tech Support any hour of the day or night by:

  • Calling 1-877-612-2233, option 1
  • Emailing support@cafescribe.com
How Does Customer Service Work?

Questions about orders placed or refunds should be directed to Customer Service by:

  • Calling 1-877-612-2233, select option 2 (available Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm CST).
  • Emailing customerservice@cafescribe.com
CafeScribe and Learning

The free CafeScribe platform was designed with students and faculty in mind and enables learners to:

  • Read, highlight, search, summarize, and make and share notes in assigned textbooks
  • Use Snap Summary to quickly and easily compile highlights and notes into a powerful study and reference resource
Why Choose CafeScribe?
  • Easy to use and scalable
  • Provides a single source for content, transactions, and customer service, offering a consistent experience and reducing learning curve
  • Helps faculty meet pedagogical goals without adding burden to workflow
  • Conserves resources and preserves faculty choice in selecting course materials
  • Integrates easily with existing technologies, extending their value at no additional cost
  • Enterprise quality software, technical support and customer service provided and backed by Follett, one of the largest distributors of course materials in the U.S.
Integrating CafeScribe

On a campus level, CafeScribe is a scalable solution that can grow from one student to one department to entire campus integration. It is an affordable digital solution at both administrative and student levels. CafeScribe offers the ability to work within existing learning management systems (LMS) without the need for additional hardware, and there are no start up or maintenance fees for the institution. Ratex, BookLog and Virtual Store students can purchase CafeScribe using any available tender type.

Students can buy a CafeScribe digital textbook in your store by purchasing a 4x6 card which will be displayed on-shelf next to your traditional new and used textbooks. The card represents one of the hundreds of titles that are available in the digital textbook format. When a student pays for a digital textbook, the receipt for the purchase will contain a PIN/code that will grant access to the online content. The URL for the digital textbook website is printed on the digital textbook card. It's as simple as that. And, you do not get billed for any digital textbooks until the sale is made in your store.

In addition to the digital textbook cards, Follett will provide all of the in-store display materials you will need to let your customers know about this exciting new offering, including:

  • Plastic display holders for the digital textbook cards
  • Signage, 22x28 inch posters
  • Sales brochure
  • Receipt folder with instructions for activating the purchased digital textbooks
View CafeScribe digital textbooks in-store display materials.

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