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Follett's Suite of In-Store Rental Solutions

Which one is right for your store?

As students look for more cost-effective solutions, book rental has claimed its stake in the bookstore industry as a value-driven solution for customers. In comparison to other programs, Follett offers you the most complete rental solutions in the industry giving you the maximum long-term return on your investment. Follett's in-store rental programs provide you with the flexibility you need to increase your market share all while securing your independence!

Follett's Guaranteed Rental Rebate Program: Maximize Margins and Minimize Risk

Our Guaranteed Rental Rebate Program gives you the full control over your inventory and rental pricing.

  • Maintain Control- You own the inventory and set rental prices that work for your store and your students.
  • Improve Margins- Get the highest possible value on all qualifying books.
  • Consolidate Billing- Follett guarantees rebate pricing on over 100,000 titles.
  • Increase Efficiency- Program interfaces with any POS system provider.

Follett's Riskless Rental Program for Sequoia and Booklog Systems: Leave Nothing to Chance

Our Riskless Rental Program for the Sequoia and the Booklog POS Systems gives your store the flexibility to rent from your own shelves without inventory obligations.

  • Eliminate Risk- Follett assumes all liability and guarantees the agreement.
  • Maintain Your Brand- All transactions are store-branded for a consistent student experience.
  • Increase Efficiency- Our Riskless Rental program delivers hassle-free integration with your POS system.
  • Improve Flexibility- At the end of the rental period, return the books back to Follett or buy them at a reduced cost to rent again.

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